Thursday, 24 May 2018

My liposuction journey

Ever since I was a teenager, I have planned to get liposuction done because I was always on the chubbier side. It is something I have struggled with since forever, and even exercising every day did nothing to improve my shapeI decided to turn to liposuction. I started to watch videos on YouTube and found Dr Arthur Tjandra's. I watched every single video and was fascinated about the results. Upon research, Medan is still a underdeveloped place with limited technology advancement. Therefore, I was scared to travel 36 hours alone to a less developed nation. In this case, I did my other research and look into the plastic surgery nation- South Korea. Over the past decade, plastic surgery trends in South Korea has been fast growing due to the advancement in plastic surgical techniques and skillful doctors. Three years ago, I flew to Korea to did my lipo in a clinic that was advertised in a famous plastic surgery reality show at a costly price . However , the result was not satisfactory.My body is the exact same way it was at day. Not even the tiniest bit different !!!My body was still left with fat and because of my body imperfections, I still I feel extremely embarrassed when I wear tight clothes. As you can see in the picture, I was also left with two very deep incision scars. 

After the botched liposuction experience in Seoul, I started to do more in deep research about  and read about Dr Arthur’s qualification on I finally was convinced to travel 36 hours to look for Dr Arthur for revision and a full body transformation. If you guys have any questions, you can feel free to email Jennifer Cotto: Every question was answered clearly and efficiently. 

The clinic is a three storey building with gym room/dance studio, living room, kitchen, and many rooms for patients and I stayed in a room with attached bathroom. Here are a few pictures just in case you guys want to see the building.  

The day finally came and the nurse took videos of my troubled areas for post-operation comparison. Dr Arthuralso explained about how he was going to sculp my body and gave the expectations. Can you believe that there is still 1.6 L of fat that can be taken out from my tummy after liposuction in Seoul? I was awake through the surgery, I am glad that I can engage in the whole process. After the surgery, I was not able to move around because I was in pain. Luckily, I had the maid staying in my room to take care of me at the first night. Dr Arthur also lives in the building, therefore he also able to come twice every night to make sure that I'm alright. 

Day one post op: 
Here is the second day after surgery. Dr Arthur did a terrific job of sculpting my body and also getting rid of the extra fat I had.As you guys can see, the fat from my love handle, lower back, waist, upper and lower abdomen are mostly gone. Since a lot of fat have been taken out, I have to wear compression garment in order for the loose skin to shrink back. I had all the video posted on my youtube channel, so please feel free to watch them.

I feel very sore and tender but also bearable uncomfortableness. A lot of leaking and drainage but that was expected. I also had my lymphatic massage which is free of charge and the pain level is bearable because the nurse is very gentle. 

One month post opThe bruised parts are all gone. Swelling subsided significantly in week two and I returned to work after 5 days of rest. I am excited to see it after 3 to 6 months as my swelling go down completely.

Three month post op: The pictures doesn’t even do justice because I feel less swollen in my back and my sides. I notice when I’m less swollen on the upper and lower abdomen. Nothing new going on, I wear my compression garment everyday and my skin is slowly retracting. I never regretted getting liposuction done in Medan and I love the result so far!! 

Five month post op: I am very pleased with my results! I'm very excited that I finally made that move to get liposuction done in Medan. My incisions scars are very small and healed beautifully. 

I absolutely loved my outcome because I can actually see my curve. Dr. Arthur was very kind, educated, and professional. Dr. Arthur, the nurse and maids are all super nice and accommodating. I had the best experience ever with him and his team. I strongly recommend Dr. Arthur to every lady considering liposuction. I'm actually going to have a second session soon and I will keep everyone posted. I strongly recommend him and I wish there were more reviews on his work so more beautiful ladies would choose the right doctor in the first place.